Introducing: Coup de Courage

Introducing: Coup de Courage

Coup de Courage is the warmth of a lover's embrace; the moment we fall in love, the electricity that propels us towards destiny. Cedarwood and labdanum create a leathery rush of excitement, as vanilla seduces from behind. Ylang ylang and sandalwood caress like fateful temptation.

Whenever I'm in Paris I begin my days in the bakeries -- the fresh pastries cooling behind glass windows, the warmth of the oven a welcome respite from chilly mornings. I was inspired at first by this warmth, this sense of familiarity and comfort. 

From here, I wanted to create a skin scent that draws you in closer, something that lingers, that quickens the pulse the more you get to know it. I was inspired by the confidence of falling in love at first sight.

When I was working with perfumer Mathieu Nardin (of Robertet) on this scent, I had two different directions in terms of ingredients. I had crafted a version myself, which was a bit more floral and fresher, but he surprised me with this version, and for me, it was right on the money.

Cedarwood, elemi, and labdanum create a leathery blend that isn’t overwhelming or overbearing. Patchouli adds just a touch of extra spiciness, which is tempered by vanilla and sandalwood. Ylang ylang adds some headiness, just to cut through the heavier elements, meaning this is a balanced, everyday scent.

Coup de Courage is what I like to think of as our "jeans and t-shirt" scent -- a simple uniform that still looks effortless and sophisticated. Like the perfect jeans, the beauty of cotton as it fades and ages, when denim molds to the body: for me, that sense of a second skin is what we achieved with this scent.