beautiful materials



Our scents are formulated to the standards of International Fragrance Association (IFRA) ISO Norm 9235, our natural raw materials are defined as being physically obtained from plants using distillation, expression, and extraction.



With a decidedly New York sensibility in our style, approach, and aesthetic, we turned to France, the cradle of the perfume industry, to find our raw materials supplier.

Nestled in Grasse, our supplier is a centuries-old and family-owned company providing ingredients and a long legacy of know-how.


Robertet, our ingredient partner, has a “seed to scent” program in partnership with global communities that protects the growth of these fragile raw materials. This partnership provides for the communities growing these crops, most of which are in ecologically fragile areas. The goal is to build a stable and fair-trade partnership, with a vision for the long term future.

Each location has unique needs, so each project is uniquely designed. Efforts include reforestation programs, building solar-powered extraction units, and implementing distillation and extraction practices that utilize 100% recycled solvents. Farms are Forest Stewardship Council certified, managed according to internationally recognized sustainable forest management guidelines.

As a brand, we seek to further this commitment to sustainability in our own practices.  Our boxes are designed to be keepsakes but are made from recyclable materials; built to last, they're also biodegradable. Our papers are FSC certified, ensuring the forests they come from are sustainably managed. Our glass and aluminum bottles are easily recyclable.

We want to create with intention, focusing not only on detail, but on overall impact. We believe in the magic of naturals, and in doing things things the right way, even if it's more difficult.