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Article: London Financial Times "How To Spend It" | August 2018

London Financial Times "How To Spend It" | August 2018

London Financial Times "How To Spend It" | August 2018

Eco-perfumes – how an indie trend went mainstream

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Natural ingredients are signalling a softly spoken new direction for scents – heightening the feel-good factor as well as benefiting the environment.

 This issue of transience has been cleverly addressed by Petite Histoire founder Jeff Smith. “Naturals are softly spoken and perfumery becomes more of a ritual,” he says. So that this ritual can be performed throughout the day, his scents come in travel sizes and, instead of alcohol, have a coconut oil base, making them both skin and air-freight friendly. Travel and trysting informs the backstory to this innovative collection, formulated with perfumer Mathieu Nardin of Robertet. Powdery violet and rose Envie Desoir ($65 for 11ml EDP) evokes an exquisite Parisian posy; while there’s the temple dancing eroticism of shaved woods, incense and carnal ylang ylang in exquisite Coup de Courage ($65 for 11ml EDP). 

Naturally derived scents and handcrafted fashion would seem a perfect fit. For, as Jeff Smith points out, there’s an inherent bespoke quality in the way natural perfumes behave that sets them apart. “Natural ingredients have great personality that evolves and adapts from skin to skin. In perfumery as in fashion, people are constantly looking for customisation, exclusivity and uniqueness,” Smith concludes. “Naturals have this naturally.”

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