made in nyc

Petite Histoire draws inspiration from our raw materials, with a preference and reverence for the natural. Alongside our plant-based perfumes, we also offer fine leather goods meticulously crafted and Made in Italy. 

For the lover you'll become.

Made in New York
A city of concrete and chrome might not seem the place for a line focused on naturals, but it wouldn't have blossomed anywhere else... the glisten of neon, the faded stone architecture... a city so severe, so strong, only naturals could soften, seduce...

our values

a sustainable approach

At the heart of our process is a passion for natural materials, and a respect for their point of origin. Each of our products begins with a single ingredient, and we craft the story from there. Our suppliers share our concern not only for quality, but also impact, with an eye towards longterm legacy. 

While no brand or product is perfect, our commitment to sustainability is manifest in our practices and perspective. Our boxes are designed to be keepsakes, but are also made from recyclable materials; built to last, they're also biodegradable. Our papers are either recycled or FSC certified, ensuring the forests they come from are sustainably managed. Glass and aluminum are easily recyclable, and our bakelite caps are plastic-free.

Our goal is to create with intention, focusing not only on detail, but also overall impact. We believe in the magic of naturals, and in doing things things the right way, even if more difficult.

Environment has an undeniable impact on natural ingredients: weather, soil, and elevation can all impact scent. Each harvest evokes a singular moment in time, defined by depth and nuance. We embrace these ephemeral characteristics to craft wildly seductive scents.

jeff smith, creative director

I learned to live in Italy; to love in Paris; to work in New York City.

I spent several years building a career in Manhattan, but what I found missing from my daily life, what I had cherished in Europe, was the subtle art of the everyday seduction. Witty banter, charming flirtation, the luxury of leisure: I missed the slower pace of life that ensured a connection with my surroundings.

And so I turned my attention to something I’ve been passionate about for as long as I can remember: perfume.