A city of concrete and chrome might not seem logical for the sprouting of a natural perfume line, but it couldn't have blossomed anywhere else... the glisten of neon, the faded stone architecture... a city so severe, only naturals could soften, seduce...

The original atelier was a 1920's penthouse, a garden terrace planted atop Manhattan's skyline.



With a decidedly New York sensibility in our style, approach, and aesthetic, we turned to France, the cradle of the perfume industry, to find our raw materials supplier. Nestled in Grasse, our ingredients supplier is a centuries-old and family-owned company providing ingredients and a long legacy of know-how.


Robertet, our ingredient partner, has a “seed to scent” program in partnership with global communities that protects the growth of these fragile raw materials. This partnership provides for the communities growing these crops, most of which are in ecologically fragile areas. The goal is to build a stable and fair-trade partnership, with a vision for the long term future.

As a brand, we seek to further this commitment to sustainability in our own practices.  Our boxes are designed to be keepsakes but are made from recyclable materials; built to last, they're also biodegradable. Our papers are FSC certified, ensuring the forests they come from are sustainably managed. Our glass and aluminum bottles are easily recyclable.

Our goal is to create with intention, focusing not only on detail, but on overall impact. We believe in the magic of naturals, and in doing things things the right way, even if it's more difficult.

Founder, Creative Director

I learned to live in Italy; to love in Paris; to work in New York City.

I spent several years building a career in Manhattan, but what I found missing from my daily life, what I had cherished in Europe, was the subtle art of the everyday seduction.
Witty banter, charming flirtation, the luxury of leisure: I missed the slower pace of life that ensured a connection with my surroundings. 

And so I turned my attention to something I’ve been passionate about for as long as I can remember: perfume.

Why did I create a line of natural perfume? Quite simply: I find naturals lush, indulgent, and intoxicating. I wanted to create a luxury line of fragrances with beautiful ingredients.

I believe there is seduction in simplicity. If magic is in the detail, nuance shines. Like winemaking, each harvest evokes a singular moment in time. This ephemeral quality is sublime.

Naturals always felt right. I planted my first garden when I was 11. But the more I explored green beauty and natural scents, I couldn't find perfumes that made me fall in love. So I created my own.


In French a "petite histoire" is the backstory between lovers: it is the narrative that entwines them, the palpable tension that defines them.

PETITE HISTOIRE is a line of natural fragrances drawing inspiration from global settings and the emotions we feel with those we love.